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Increase Conversion Rate With The Correct Web Design

The rate of conversion of your website is the rate on how many customers visit and convert the visit into particular actions, such as make a purchase, fill a form, or place a vote. You must have created a website for something, and you would want that conversion to happen. Web design Malaysia knows exactly how to turn those visit from landing page into a real action. Here is how:

  • Use only related fields on a form

People hate to fill long forms, even it is not a handwriting form. Make sure your form only ask for the important fields, try to reduce to less fields as possible. This way, your customers would take as a none-hassle action to do.

  • Tangible action verbs

Wording matters in Call To Action (CTA) and headlines. Use verb to spur visitors into action. For examples, the tangible action verbs are “grab yours”, “buy now”, or “book your seat”.

  • Testimonials matter

Testimonials are social proof that people actually buy and use your products. Put it on landing page so that potential customers would know that your brand is truly trustworthy, hence pushing them to create conversion. Testimonials can be in form of text or even video. Feature testimonial from an influencer, celebrity, or experts on your landing page!

  • Use more video

You can use video to welcome customers on your landing page, or put it on your ‘About Us’ page. This tells the customers that there are actually real person, real team, behind the brand. It makes the brand more humane and credible.

  • Include social media counts

As social media is very powerful nowadays, you must have social media account for your business. After that, put the number of your followers or subscribers on your landing page. This shows the visitors that your brand has a loyal fanbase and can be trusted.

Above are some tricks in increasing the rate of your website’s conversion. Web design Malaysia has more web design tricks in order to increase conversion. Put more focus on your web design to increase conversion.