E Commerce and Native Advertising

E-Commerce and Native Advertising

Native Advertising is a type of advertising in which the way the content of the advertisement fits with the platform that it is being shown on. Traditionally these advertisements appeared on newspapers where they would begin the ads mentioning the topics that would concern the news of that day and eventually promote the product or service that correlates with the topic in question. In the 21st century, this form of advertisement is one of the most common forms to date due to simply how users interact with the internet and the apps related to it as well as the ease in gaining influencers to help promote in this form.

The biggest proprietor of this form of advertising are companies that use social media as a basis for how they promote their items. They do this by creating accounts on the most popular apps of social media, examples being Instagram and Twitter, and using those accounts to dedicate post that advertise and promote their products. Such a practice is considered normal in Ecommerce Malaysia and in would even go so far as to be a requirement if one would want to advertise their products successfully in the Digital age. This also allows companies to especially those that are primarily online shopping such as Lazada and Shopee to adjust their advertisements to fit whatever is trending at that point in time.

There’s also the use of sponsored content which is also a staple to most online businesses and can be considered one the most lucrative forms of E-commerce advertising that benefits the Sponsor and the Sponsored. Essentially, companies can reach out to influencers or content creators that ideally would have some connection towards the intended product and either provide said product or a sum of money in order to use and promote it.

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